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Recreational Rowing Group

Everyone is welcome. Exercise, Community, Fun!

About the Program

The Recreation Rowing program is designed for the Chautauqua Lake Rowing members who want to learn the sport of rowing, enjoy the beauty of the Chadakoin River and Chautauqua Lake, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow members.  Through the sport of rowing, members could hope to improve fitness, balance, and flexibility; all while learning more about teamwork.  While competition is not the main goal, we will offer the opportunity for competition to those who are interested.  Competition could be as informal as inter-club “meets” or as formalized as attending actual regattas. 

There are no tryouts or attendance requirements for the program.  However, as with any endeavor, regular attendance generally results in better technique and outcomes.






Weekly Rowing Schedule (June-September): Monday and Thursday @ 5:40-~7:45 pm (launch at 6:00), Saturday @ 7:30-~9:15 am (launch at 7:45)

Be sure to arrive at or before the scheduled start (either 5:40PM or 7:30AM) time to allow for arranging boat rosters!

Note: Start and finish times will be adjusted during October as the time of sunset changes..

 Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association Inc.  18 Jones & Gifford Ave, Jamestown NY 14701
 Incorporated in the State of New York, December 2005 PO Box 824, Jamestown NY 14702

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