Scott Montgomery, Presiding Director [elected February 8, 2014] - Bio Coming Soon

Mary Ruth,  [elected Feb. 14, 2015] - Bio Coming Soon

Doreen Loll, Secretary [elected February 8, 2014] - Not having any rowing experience or apparent athletic ability, Doreen took our Learn to Row class in August 2011. She has been rowing since and participated in several regattas after her 2nd full season of rowing. She loves being able to enjoy our beautiful lake with a great group of fellow rowers.

Diane Paterniti, Treasurer [elected July 2018] - Bio Coming Soon

Paul Leachko [elected ??????] - Bio Coming Soon

Maureen Mack

Maureen Mack, [elected Feb. 16, 2013] - After a total hip replacement in October of 2009, Maureen needed a form of exercise that had little impact on the joint.  Eight months after surgery a friend encouraged her to try a Learn-to-Row.  She fell in love with the sport and even joined in a few regattas that year .Participation in many aspects of the organization soon followed including volunteering, assisting with high school coaching, competitive rowing , boat house maintenance and becoming a board member.

Jan Odrzywolski, [elected ???????] - Bio Coming Soon

Jim Odrzywolski

Jim Odrzywolski, [[elected Feb. 16, 2013] - Bio Coming Soon]


Mickey Sorenson, [re-elected Feb. 2018] - Mickey experienced rowing for the first time at learn to row, April of 2011 and by the end of the season competed in a mixed 8 at Pittsburg and men’s 4 at Rochester. Love to row in the morning on still water and go sailing when the wind picks up. Mickey’s daughter Megan rowed recreational and competition with the CLRA and inspired him to give it a try. Always thought single sculling would be incredible and it is. Sweep rowing is the ultimate team sport and is what really draws one in, recreational, fitness and competitive. If you can row to the lake in the morning for a sunrise and in the evening for a sunset, well then, now you have something. US Rowing Level ll Coach, Spring of 2018.