Parents - Volunteers High School

Welcome new parents and athletes! We understand that as a new member of this team, you may be feeling overwhelmed with all of the opportunities, responsibilities, and even the languages to which you or your child are being exposed.  This page is here to help explain many of the unique challenges rowing crew will present to you.


A successful crew team requires a significant commitment and effort from rowers, coaches and parents.  Funds required for capital outlays, maintenance of equipment, and facility expenses are supplied through participation fees and fundraisers.  Without crew families’ support, the rowing program could not exist.

Rowers are expected to:

- Give 100% of yourself to your sport and team
- Participate in general meetings
- Help in fundraising functions
- Load and unload trailer before and after regattas
- Respect coaches, captains, coxswains, and chaperones
- Maintain and respect the club’s equipment
-All rowers must sign and abide by the CLRA student handbook.  A rower may be suspended or dismissed by the coach for improper behavior.


Everyone involved with the CLRA is a volunteer.  There are no paid coaching or staff positions.  In addition, we cannot run a successful season without your help.

At each regatta (about 6 times during the season), we set up tents at the race site and prepare hot and cold food to serve all our rowers throughout the day. Food is ready shortly after the first rowers arrives, and continues till the last race in the afternoon. With everyone's participation, we manage to take down the tents, pack the trailer, clean our site, and be headed for home within 45 minutes of our last race.

Volunteers are needed to secure food donations, haul the support trailer to and from the race site, set up the tent and prepare the food, and cleanup at the end of each race.

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