Recreational / Masters Rowing

About the Program

The Recreation Rowing program is designed for the Chautauqua Lake Rowing members who want to learn the sport of rowing, enjoy the beauty of the Chadakoin River and Chautauqua Lake, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow members.  Through the sport of rowing, members could hope to improve fitness, balance, and flexibility; all while learning more about teamwork.  While competition is not the main goal, we will offer the opportunity for competition to those who are interested.  Competition could be as informal as inter-club “meets” or as formalized as attending actual regattas.

There are no tryouts or attendance requirements for the program.  However, as with any endeavor, regular attendance generally results in better technique and outcomes.

Seasonal Member

CLRA Rower (Adult) Resident Member:

Annual membership designated for those individuals over the age of 18. Full membership includes voting rights and ability to serve on the Board of Directors.

Seasonal Resident or Reciprocal Member:

Short-term membership designated for those individuals who will only be rowing with the CLRA during the months of June-August, and whose primary residence is outside the Chautauqua Lake Region.

Coxswain / Steersman (Adult) Member

Annual membership designated for individuals whose primary purpose is to act as coxswain. Coxswain may fill a rowing seat as needed.
High School Team coxswains must sign up as a High School Team Coxswain member.

Coach or Board Member Only (do not intend to row):

Annual membership designated for individuals who wish not to row, intending only to serve as a coach or Board Member.

CLRA Adult Resident Rower Dues

$275 per Year, June 1st through May 31st

Seasonal Resident or Recip. Member

$200 June 1st through end of August

College Student Membership

$125 per Year, June 1st through May 31st

CLRA Coxswain Dues

No Cost per Year, June 1st through May 31st

Coach / Board Member Only - No Intent to Row

No Cost per Year, June 1st through May 31st



Weekly Rowing Schedule (June-September):

Monday and Thursday at 5:30-~7:45 PM (Launch At 6:00)

Saturday at 8:10 -~9:45 AM (Launch At 8:30)

Be sure to arrive at the scheduled start (either 5:30PM or 8:10AM) time to allow for arranging boat rosters!

Note: Start and finish times will be adjusted during late September into October as the time of sunset changes.

There may be additional group rowing opportunities. Look for a special email announcement of these options.