Photo Page

Chautauqua Lake Rowing has a separate site with 1000's of pictures of various events captured throughout much of our latter history. Follow the link at the right to CLRA SmugMug's site.

Silver W8 Cuyahoga, 2016
HS W8 Pittsford 2017
HS M8 Pittsford 2017
W8 HOT Niagara 2016
Mx8 HOT Genesee 2016
Sunset row Chautauqua Lk.
Sunrise row Chadakoin
LTR class passing Belle
HS coaches 2010
Boathouse dedication 2006
CLRA Invitational 2012
HS team, Bridge 2009(?)
Early years: 2009(?)
W4 competitive HOT Ohio
M4 competitive Genesee
Early years 2007(?)
HS on way: C&C, Erie 2013
HS Ergathon, Cht. Mall 2013
HS Team @ Erie, 2013
Mstrs HOT Genesee 2017