Scott Montgomery, Presiding Director [New term started February, 2017; first elected February 8, 2014] - Bio Coming Soon

LJ 3

LJ Martin, Secretary [First elected February, 2020] - LJ took a Learn to Row in the spring of 2010 with CLRA which started her on and off participation in the sport. After moving to Dubai in 2011, she found a coach and rowed for 2 years on the creek.  In 2017 she moved to the Bahamas and joined the Nassau Rowing Club and worked for 2 years to grow the club in a variety of ways. Have served on the board for NRC and helped with learn to rows for both masters and juniors, when she moved back to the area it was a natural fit to come back to CLRA.  In 2019 LJ experienced the thrill of regattas and is now hooked and waiting for the next season.



Diane Paterniti, Treasurer [elected July, 2018] - Wanting to become more physically fit, I attended Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association's very first Learn-To-Row in the Spring of 2006, became a member in the Spring of 2008 and have been rowing ever since!! Loving the sport so much, I volunteered to be on the Board and was elected in February 2009, serving a 3-year term. I love everything about rowing - the physical challenge, the mental challenge, meeting incredible people who have become great friends, being part of a team (no one is "cut"), social activities and participating in Regattas! What's not to love!!!  I am so excited and proud to be part of such a great organization! Come row with us and "Get Your Socks On Our Docks"!!


Martha Abers,  [elected February, 2018] - Looking for something different to try as a family, Marty attended a Learn to Row in the summer of 2017 along with her husband Nathan, daughters Berit and Emma, and sister, Nancy.  All of them enjoyed it so much, they joined CLRA and began rowing regularly in the rec row program.  Marty is particularly keen on competing, participating in a couple of regattas in the fall of ‘17 and in the majority of regattas each fall since then.  She feels that rowing is the perfect combination of physical and mental challenge and is great for anyone who can’t participate in high impact or contact sports.  Marty’s favorite boat to row in is a 4 and she’s particularly proud of the bronze medal the Ladies 4 she rowed with at Head of the Cuyahoga brought home in 2018 but she’ll happily join an 8, has learned the basics of sculling and has even tried rowing in a double!  She’s also tried her hand at being a coxswain which, in her opinion, is its own kind of fun but definitely much harder than it looks.  If you were to ask her, Marty would tell you that rowing is a great team sport that has something to offer anyone willing to step a little outside their comfort zone and that there’s nothing quite like finding yourself sitting in a perfectly set boat, with good company, on a lovely summer evening, with beautiful scenery on each side of you and a gorgeous Chautauqua Lake sunset as the backdrop.


Nathan Abers,  [elected March, 2019] - Nathan joined Chautauqua Lake Rowing Association after attending a Learn to Row with his family in July of 2017 and participated in his first regatta that fall. He is always happy to volunteer whenever extra hands are needed down at the boathouse and especially enjoys driving a coach boat and acting as Coach Jim's chauffeur during the High School Season. Nathan likes the physical challenge and camaraderie that rowing offers. When it comes to fall regatta season, he rows in both 8's and 4's but is particularly fond of the 4's and is proud to be a member of a dedicated Men's 4 which took Gold at both the Head of the Niagara and the Head of the Cuyahoga. When he's not rowing in his free time, Nathan can be found riding the back roads on his beloved Triumph motorcycle.


Alexis Barron,  [elected March, 2019] - Alexis started her rowing career at CLRA when she was in 8th grade as a coxswain. She then made the decision to become a rower and has been with the team for 6 years and counting. During her high school years, she was a rower, a player in other sports in high school, a girl scout since 1st grade and was also a coxswain for the master’s program for the club. Alexis was a devoted girl scout and built with the help of volunteers one of our very own docks at the Boathouse in 2018 and was honored as a Gold award girl scout in 2019. The club has made a huge impact on her and she continues to help out in any way she can and still attend school at Mercyhurst University pursuing a degree in Athletic Training.


Shirley Johnson,  [elected March, 2019] -  Shirley was inspired to try a learn to row by her friend Alexis, who was on the high school rowing team. She did the learn to row in 2015. She  enjoyed it very much and joined the club. She started doing regattas her first year. She continues to enjoy the competition and the fun of rowing.

Maureen Mack

Maureen Mack, [New term started March, 2019; first elected Feb. 16, 2013] - After a total hip replacement in October of 2009, Maureen needed a form of exercise that had little impact on the joint.  Eight months after surgery a friend encouraged her to try a Learn-to-Row.  She fell in love with the sport and even joined in a few regattas that year .Participation in many aspects of the organization soon followed including volunteering, assisting with high school coaching, competitive rowing , boat house maintenance and becoming a board member.

Jan for board

Jan Odrzywolski, [New term started March, 2019; first elected February, 2016] - Jan is the wife of Jim and the mother of Steve and Alissa. The family has embraced the sport of rowing since Steve started to row in college. Jan is a charter member of CLRA having joined the club in 2006, ( the first season on the water). She has been an active volunteer as well as a rower.  She has helped with Learn to Row sessions each year and began helping to coach the High school team in 2011.  She served as coordinator of the  Fall Adult Regatta Season from 2014- 2018. It has been a privilege to watch the club change and grow over the years.

Jim Odrzywolski

Jim Odrzywolski, [[New term started March 2019; fist elected Feb. 16, 2013] - Jim began his time with CLRA from the very first meeting announcing CLRA as an organization held in December, 2005. He joined as a member in 2006, the first year of operation. He learned to row through the CLRA. Through in house and numerous coaching clinics, he began coaching adults occasionally and assisting for the high school program. In 2012, he became head coach of the high school boys team. In 2014, he became overall HS Team Coordinator and coach. In 2016 he added the title of Girl's Head Coach. Along with his wife Jan, he assists in organizing the Adult Rec Rows throughout the season. He has been a board member since 2013.