Due to the novel cornavirus restrictions, no CLRA equipment is permitted to be utilized. Only wholly owned personal equipment may be used out of our boathouse and docks.

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding use of CLRA equipment and the rowing opportunities. We are working on establishing parameters for the use of club singles in the near future.

CLRA Schedules

Team Schedule



CLRA Rec / Masters Schedule - Starting Thursday, September 26, arrive no later than 5:30PM. Launch at 5:45PM. Saturday rowing will be difficult as many rowers are away at regattas. 

[Weekly Rowing Schedule (June-September): Monday And Thursday @ 5:40-~7:45 Pm (Launch At 6:00), Saturday @ 8:00 -~9:45 Am (Launch At 8:15)]

[Be sure to arrive at or before the scheduled start (either 5:40PM or 8:00AM) time to allow for arranging boat rosters!]

Note: Start and finish times will be adjusted during October as the time of sunset changes.

There may be additional group rowing opportunities. Look for special email announcement of these options.