Family Plan / Little Scullers

Family Plan/Little Scullers

In CLRA’s efforts to reach out to younger potential rowers in Grades 4 through 7, we offer a free membership to the child as long as that child’s parent/guardian is a full member of CLRA, whether the parent/guardian themselves chooses to row or not.  The child is welcome to learn to scull or coxswain and can be taught by their parent/guardian, another CLRA member or by separate arrangement with professional coach Ann Dinshaw.  The parent/guardian must be present with the child during all lessons and must file the appropriate waiver with the CLRA.  The child will wear a life jacket when on or near the water. No child is allowed to be on or near the water unless the combined water/air temperature is at least 90 degrees.

CLRA Child Policy

Children under the age of 13 not participating in an active CLRA program shall not be permitted in or around the CLRA Boathouse or aboard CLRA watercraft unless accompanied by, and under the direct supervision of a parent, grandparent or guardian.